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A proxy traditionally reroutes user traffic to help their devices mask IP and anonymise activity. In a brand protection proxy, the above benefits help a business or brand identify threats to its reputation and effectiveness online. Proxy Cheap offers some of the best brand protection proxies on the market. Read on to learn why that’s so.

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Proxies for brand protection allow businesses to monitor online marketplaces, e-commerce stores, and social media platforms for evidence of counterfeit products. These tools help them do this from multiple regions and locations.

Content Piracy

Content piracy is popular, and digital pirates may use various methods to hide and perpetrate the criminal activity. Proxies for brand protection help relevant parties to detect any cases of piracy.

Trademark Infringement

A brand protection proxy expands a business's digital reach. As such, it helps the business enforce its legal rights to prevent the illegal use of its trademarks. Malicious entities may abuse trademarks to lure customers away or tarnish the brand's reputation.

Unauthorized Distribution

Just as proxies can help control digital piracy, they can also help with traditional distribution issues. Proxies can facilitate businesses' identification of illegal distribution channels in several regions. The consequence is greater control of price, quality, and customer experience.

Cybersecurity Threats

Data breaches are growing more common. However, brand protection proxies employing security protocols and anonymizing activity can help reduce their occurrence.

Brand Dilution

Proxies allow business owners and managers to monitor their reputations in all active regions. As such, they help them detect when brand dilution might be setting in and proactively deal with the threat.

Brand Protection Proxy Features

Safeguard your online reputation by enabling continuous monitoring of brand mentions and counterfeit product detection. These features empower businesses to swiftly identify and mitigate instances of brand infringement or reputation damage across various online platforms.

Rotating IP Addresses

Proxies that offer rotating IP addresses usually provide more anonymity and less vulnerability to online trackers. In the context of brand protection, such a feature would enhance safety from cybersecurity threats.

Geolocation Support

Brand protection requires businesses to identify threats across the board. Proxies with wider geographical reach help to access several regions for monitoring and detection purposes.


Speed is preferred for all online activity, and SEO research is no different. As such, SEO proxies must guarantee speeds. Specifically, the speed of a proxy is essential for efficient data scraping and, thus, the overall effectiveness and productivity of SEO strategy.

Session Persistence

Brand protection cannot afford downtimes in performance or surveillance abilities. As such, a brand protection proxy should be able to guarantee management and stability of browsing sessions. In other words, they should experience minimal interruptions that could affect monitoring or data collection.

Data Encryption

A reliable brand protection proxy should possess some measure of data encryption to secure data transmission over the company network. The encryption will protect in-house intelligence and customer data while preventing data leaks that can cause reputation damage.

Suitable for light-to-moderate usage, providing 100GB of bandwidth and 100 IPs for basic tasks.


Ideal for medium-to-heavy usage, offering unlimited bandwidth and 1000 IPs for more demanding tasks.


Designed for heavy-duty usage, it provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IPs for unrestricted access and maximum performance.


SEO can involve SERPs scraping competitor site analysis and tracking keyword ranking, among others. Depending on the aspect of SEO you are dabbling in, various proxies might come in handy. That said, here are the SEO proxies provided by Proxy Cheap, along with their prices:

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Online Brand Protection

The effectiveness of Proxy-Cheap brand protection proxies, combined with their flexible pricing, make them an affordable quality tool.

Collect Competitive Intelligence

Regardless of the Proxy Cheap brand protection proxy you purchase, you retain the ability to secure the integrity of your brand and simultaneously gather intelligence to make your business competitive.

Enhanced Security

Our brand protection proxies utilize secure HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols in addition to authentication support and IP whitelisting, among other security features.

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Broad Geographical Coverage

We have proxies offering access to 100+ locations, making us a perfect partner for brand monitoring and protection across many countries.

State or City-Level Targeting

All our proxies provide state or city-level targeting to facilitate regional monitoring of sentiments, ideas, and attitudes.

Reputable IP Addresses

Our standard and premium proxies undergo extensive vetting to guarantee they are reputable and free from shady histories.

Excellent Performance

We provide proxies with sufficient capacity to handle 100+ concurrent tasks and the speed (>10mbps) to do so without significant drops in performance.

User-Friendly Interface

We appreciate that not all users have the technical expertise to configure and manage proxies. So, we have a simplified setup and an easy-to-understand dashboard to aid management.

Helpful Customer Support

We possess an excellent customer support team that supplements our user interface and leaves clients impressed.

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