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Explore the Web with the Global, Cheap Proxies
Explore the Web with the Global, Cheap Proxies
Static Residential Proxy

Static Residential Proxy

A massive pool consisting of over 1M+ Residential ISP IP’s from all around the globe. Unlock the power of this pool that will supercharge your operations and bring value for your business with Proxy-Cheap.

35+ ISPs
24+ Countries
Unlimited bandwidth
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Static Datacenter Proxy

Our Datacenter subnets are handpicked, pre-checked for clean history. We combine speed and stability to provide the most versatile datacenter proxies to satisfy the most demanding use-cases. Powered by the IPv4 and the new IPv6 protocols, you will perform the most demanding operations while running past any obstacles or restrictions.

IPv4 and IPv6 support
Unlimited bandwidth
Dedicated proxy
99.9% uptime
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Static Datacenter Proxy
Static Datacenter Proxy
Rotating Residential Proxy

Rotating Residential Proxy

Avoid any restrictions and access any geodynamic content with a wide, stable and fast residential proxy network. Buy a proxy server to get:

6.9M+ Residential IPs
Automatic proxy rotation
Unlimited concurrent sessions
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Mobile Proxy

Mobile proxies can be used for the most demanding and restricting use-cases. With precise targeting and control features our network will provide the closest to the real-user results

4M+ Mobile IPs
3G/4G/LTE/5G speeds
IPs from real mobile devices
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Mobile Proxy
Mobile Proxy

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Why Choose Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap stands out for several compelling reasons

Proxy-Cheap Affordable Prices
Affordable Prices
Access high-quality proxies without breaking the bank, making your online activities cost-effective.
Proxy-Cheap Affordable Prices
Easy Management & Setup
Streamlined interfaces and hassle-free setup for a seamless proxy experience.
Proxy-Cheap Security & Anonymity
Security & Anonymity
Our cheap proxies ensure your online privacy and data security, guaranteeing anonymity and peace of mind.

What Our Customers Think

Their IP reputations are most of the time 100% clean, when I had problems they’ve...
November 29
I've just talked through live chat function. They are extremely supportive. They clear me...
May 05
Friends of mine (who are IT specialists) recommended me to this provider and explained...
Melina Trappaud,
November 12
Bought the wrong customer support package and they refunded me, which is just...
August 06
Pros:Low cost.High quality and clean proxies.Internet speed is good, but sometimes drops....
group Dima Vinogradov,
November 13
This is a really good proxy service, the interface is easy and it is cheap for what qualit...
May 11
They have a nice support that help for any problemI did multiple transaction and my...
May 03
The really stand up for their name: Proxy. Cheap. And not only cheap... in fact they are...
Martin Adams,
Nov 12
Great team, with great support and customer service. After changing my businesses solul...
Steve Moore,
January 16

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Frequently asked questions

What is Proxy-Cheap?
Proxy-Cheap is a proxy service provider for online anonymity and security.
What type of proxy solutions does Proxy-Cheap offer?
Proxy-Cheap offers residential, datacenter proxy solutions, and mobile proxy.
Datacenter IPv4
Datacenter IPv6
Res-l Static
What IP versions does Proxy-Cheap support?
Proxy-Cheap supports IPv4 and IPv6 proxy versions.
What are the targeting options for our proxies?
Proxy-Cheap offers targeting options for specific countries.
What proxy connection protocols are supported?
Proxy-Cheap supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS proxy connection protocols.
Can I renew expired proxies?
Yes, you can renew expired proxies with Proxy-Cheap.
Can I choose proxy server locations?
Proxy-Cheap allows you to choose proxy server locations.
How easy is it to set up and manage proxies from Proxy Cheap?
Setting up and managing proxies with Proxy-Cheap is user-friendly.
How many concurrent sessions (threads) can be used?
The number of concurrent sessions varies based on your plan.
What are proxy authentication methods?
Proxy-Cheap offers various proxy authentication methods for user security.

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