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Access multiple social media accounts, and browse anonymously without risking IP blocks with Proxy Cheap mobile proxies.
Over 1.2 million+ reputable IP addresses
Unlimited bandwidth
Automatic IP rotation between these addresses
State-level targeting and geographic accuracy

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“As a data scientist, I rely heavily on proxies for my research. Proxy-Cheap's extension has revolutionized my workflow, saving me countless hours and providing access to high-performance proxies that never fail me.”
Dr. Olivia Chen, Data Scientist, Silicon Valley, USA

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Get the top proxy solution for your business at a cost-effective rate. Proxy-cheap is one of the most reliable and largest proxy services in the market, worldwide coverage and high speed.

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Included in Every Plan at No Extra Cost

Get 3G/4G Mobile proxies with 99.9% uptime and unlimited bandwidth. Access to 40+ US states.

Speed and Efficiency

Best-in-class reputation regarding efficiency of proxy service and usefulness of customer support services. All our 4 million+ mobile proxy IP addresses are active and suitably located to guarantee speed and efficiency.

State-Level Targeting

State-level targeting within the United States to the tune of 41 states. With our mobile proxies, you can mimic connecting from nearly all states in the country. Thus, we provide both flexibility and specificity when you need them.

Best-in-Class Toolset

Increased control of your proxies via Proxy Cheap dashboard access, REST API, etc. Users can top up their Proxy Cheap accounts, order proxies, view their used and active proxies, or access our help and development tools.

Automatic IP Rotation

Thanks to this automated functionality, users of Proxy Cheap mobile proxies can browse securely without stopping to manually change IP addresses regularly.

Popular Mobile Proxy Use Cases

There are many use cases of Mobile proxies.
Monitoring Ads

Use specific IP addresses to monitor, verify, and track ad placement in viewings as they would appear from different locations. Marketers working with digital ads or affiliate commissions can thus improve their visibility thanks to our mobile proxies.

Social Media

Log into and manage multiple social media accounts without flagging the platform or risking suspensions. Social media managers can, thus, conduct their tasks seamlessly and without risk.

Sneaker Proxies

The IP rotation feature of Proxy Cheap mobile proxies makes them ideal for purchasing limited-edition sneakers online anonymously.

Online Purchases

Browse and make online purchases anonymously by changing your IP address and reported location when needed. This way, Proxy Cheap would prevent websites from developing a digital fingerprint or profile for your activity.


Tracking keyword search engine rankings as part of SEO monitoring and strategy. Location plays a part in search engine rankings, and our proxies can help utilize location-linked variability in your strategies.

Sneaker Proxies

The IP rotation feature of Proxy Cheap mobile proxies makes them ideal for purchasing limited-edition sneakers online anonymously.

Data Scraping

Scaling automated data-intensive tasks, such as large-scale data scraping. Such tasks benefit from our mobile proxies' anonymity and automatic IP rotation.

Global Content

Enjoy the freedom to explore content from around the world with our mobile proxies. Our service provides the flexibility you need to access a wide range of online content from various regions.

Online Gaming

Anonymous browsing and connections, as needed by gamers, streamers, etc. As a result, Proxy Cheap mobile proxies help gamers and streamers access selected content that may not otherwise be available in their regions.

Top Proxy Locations

Proxy-Cheap boasts the most extensive network of proxy locations compared to its competitors. This translates to greater flexibility and accessibility for users seeking to access content globally or conduct online activities in specific locations.
Can’t find a desired location? Request one and we might add it.
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The Best Proxy Services

The best-performing proxy infrastructure in the industry with the largest ISP coverage

Why Customers Choose Proxy Cheap

There is no shortage of reasons for the popularity of our mobile proxies. However, here are the most popular reasons why customers choose Proxy Cheap.

Proxy Precision

The ability to specifically target the state that you want to connect from. Online gamers, gamblers, and investors leverage this for better odds and deals.

Limitless Bandwidth

Zero bandwidth constraints ensure that users enjoy uninterrupted internet access regardless of their task intensiveness.

Location-Enhanced Performance

Providing GPS data functionality for activities and tasks that require greater geographical accuracy.

Ultimate Privacy Shield

Use of mobile proxies that make user traffic appear as if from any of millions of other mobile devices. In other words, with Proxy Cheap mobile proxies, your digital anonymity is assured

Premium IP Reputation

Users can use our dashboard to top up their accounts and order proxies from the curated Proxy Cheap marketplace without going through the onboarding process again. They can also easily monitor their sessions, viewing their active, expired, and used proxies.

Suitable for light-to-moderate usage, providing 100GB of bandwidth and 100 IPs for basic tasks.


Ideal for medium-to-heavy usage, offering unlimited bandwidth and 1000 IPs for more demanding tasks.


Designed for heavy-duty usage, it provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IPs for unrestricted access and maximum performance.

Customer Reviews

Our customers value our expertly delivered customer support, reliable proxy management, and first-class mobile proxy service. You can read it all in their words here.

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