Proxies for Data Scraping

A proxy server is a tool that allows users to reroute their online traffic through servers in other geo-locations. That way, they effectively change the user’s IP address, thus conferring several advantages on their online activity such as anonymity, web page caching, and security.

A proxy for data scraping is a proxy that lends all these advantages to a data scraping process at a high level and without compromising data quality.

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Proxies help scrape these websites by rerouting traffic to change their IP address and rotating these IP addresses to distribute requests and avoid detecting automated scraping.
E-commerce Sites

Online retail is a competitive industry, and proxies can help sellers scrape real-time data from their competitors. Such data informs research and strategy, including product information, descriptions, prices, and reviews. Reliable data scraping proxies allow you to do these without falling afoul of anti-scraping mechanisms.

Social Media Platforms

Marketers and influencers may need to scrape social media platforms. However, such platforms frown on bots and utilize suspensions and bans to exercise their discomfort. A data scraping proxy helps such individuals get the necessary information without risking bans or suspensions.

Search Engines

The geo-targeting of ad verification proxies can also come in handy in competitor analysis. However, rather than analysing products or content, they help to assess competitor ads. Insight from such analysis and assessment can then inform in-house ad optimization and strategy.

Public Data Sources

Public data sources usually provide aggregated data for research at no cost. However, collecting the data manually is very time-consuming, necessitating scraping bots. Data scraping proxies allow researchers to use the bots undetected.

Job Boards

Searchers and recruiters alike use job boards. The latter uses them to attract and identify talent, while the former employs them to stay abreast of opportunities. A data scraping proxy can help both parties scrape relevant data from the platform without triggering the board’s admins.

Real Estate Listings

Proxies facilitate real estate listing scraping by enabling users to make multiple requests to listing websites without being detected. By rotating IP addresses and distributing requests across different proxies, users can gather comprehensive data while avoiding detection and ensuring uninterrupted scraping activities.

Features of Data Scraping

All proxies work the same way but not all proxies are the same in terms of use cases and features. Proxy servers suitable for data scraping must have the following features among others.

IP Rotation

Our effective data scraping proxy offers IP rotation or rotating proxies. Website admins usually detect automated scraping activities when an unusual number of requests originate from a single IP address with alarming frequency. IP rotation distributes the scraper's requests across multiple IP addresses, thus making them seem natural and implicating no single IP address.

Large Proxy Pool and Geographical Diversity

Our data scraping proxy has a sizeable IP address pool due to the need for seamless, non-repetitive IP rotation. This reduces the potential for users to reuse an IP address often enough to trigger admins. On the other hand, our geographical diversity increases reach and guarantees users the ability to scrape data and content from several locations.


The chosen proxy for data scraping should provide high-speed connections for your tasks while reducing downtime or interruptions. Datacenter proxies popularly offer speed and efficiency, while residential proxies are more anonymous. Data scraping proxies should balance both benefits.

User Agent Header Rotation

In simple terms, a user agent header is a string of data that helps servers identify devices, application software, operating systems, vendors, and others. The combination of the data can be a means of identification. Our data scraping proxies that employ user agent header rotation scramble this info with random data associated with IP addresses in their pool. As such, they increase the degree of anonymity, thus helping mask scraping activity better.


Our reliable data scraping proxies have a robust infrastructure that provides sufficient bandwidth for large-scale tasks. In other words, they can support multiple simultaneous tasks and allow users to increase their scraping capacity when needed.

Suitable for light-to-moderate usage, providing 100GB of bandwidth and 100 IPs for basic tasks.


Ideal for medium-to-heavy usage, offering unlimited bandwidth and 1000 IPs for more demanding tasks.


Designed for heavy-duty usage, it provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited IPs for unrestricted access and maximum performance.

Services & Pricing

There are multiple types of Proxy-Cheap data scraping proxies.

Included with Every Plan

Trusted Security

Our proxies are equipped with relevant support to prevent DNS leaks and encryption to protect your data. Furthermore, we keep no data logs and do not collect, use, or sell user data to third parties.

Uncompromising Data Quality

Proxy-Cheap data scraping can extract the necessary data with speed. However, our proxies do not tamper with your scraper configurations or specifications to guarantee speed. We are committed to ensuring that your data arrives in the form you want, only faster.

Worldwide Access

Our expansive combinations of IP addresses and available locations mean you can scrape data from nearly all websites and geo-locations. Simply purchase the IP address(s) you need and start scraping.

Why Buy Data Scraping Proxy from Proxy-Cheap?

24/7 Customer Support

Our reviews everywhere show that customer support is at the forefront of our service. We recognize that proxies are a technical tool, and we are committed to providing all users with the assistance they need to get the best out of them. We are always available and responsive to your needs; customers love this.

User-Friendly Interface

Our data scraping proxies are popular for the ease with which they can be set up. We onboard new users depending on their experience with proxy use and also provide an intuitive proxy dashboard manager to help users manage their purchases.

Cost-effective Solution

Despite offering best-in-class proxies for our users, our prices are not restrictive. At proxy cheap, our data scraping proxies are not simply committed to guaranteeing anonymity. They do so at prices that will allow us to grow alongside one another without compromising on performance or reliability.

Vast Proxy Pool

An effective IP rotation requires a pool large enough to support it. Proxy Cheap's IP address pool is 8M+, strong, and growing. Rest assured that you will not repeat IP addresses while scraping.

High Anonymity

Our data scraping proxies offer high anonymity. They combine anonymity or residential proxies with IP rotation and effective user agent header rotation. If you patronize us, no website detects your activities.

Worldwide Coverage

We don’t simply boast a large proxy address pool. We have addresses in over 125 countries. Our global coverage lets you reliably scrape content from all major countries.

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