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Welcome to Proxy-Cheap, your go-to ally for addressing this non-negotiable necessity and securing your online activities. Since your online presence is your lifeline, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive suite of high-performance proxy solutions backed by a team of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring your online success 24/7.

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With over 10 million IPs across 150 countries, our expansive proxy pool grants you unrestricted access to the global digital landscape, empowering you with the confidence to navigate the online world. Whether you are a business owner seeking to expand your market reach, an internet marketer monitoring brand reputation, a data analyst gathering valuable insights, or a travel enthusiast seeking to explore the world without borders, Proxy-Cheap has the perfect proxy solution.
Our diverse range of proxies like residential, datacenter, ISPs, and mobile proxies, cater to the needs of every user, ensuring you have the right tools to achieve your online goals. Embark on your digital journey with Proxy-Cheap and experience the world of difference that unparalleled proxy solutions can make. Sign up today and discover the endless possibilities in a seamless, secure online world optimized for your needs.

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The best-performing proxy infrastructure in the industry with the largest ISP coverage


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Proxy Locations Worldwide

Proxy-Cheap's expansive network of proxy servers spans over 150 countries, ensuring seamless and secure online experiences no matter where you are. We’re strategically positioned to provide you with unparalleled global access:

How Companies Use Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap's proxy solutions empower businesses and catalyze success for individuals across various sectors and industries:

Business Owners:
Elevate your digital footprint, tapping into global markets effortlessly. Leverage our proxies for meticulous market research, competitor strategy analysis, and optimized e-commerce operations, ultimately boosting sales.
Internet Marketers:
Effortlessly manage social media campaigns with precision. Monitor brand reputation, engage in online conversations, and stay a step ahead with comprehensive competitive intelligence.
SaaS Companies:
Prioritize customer privacy and data compliance with Proxy-Cheap. Conduct insightful market research, understand user behavior, and access geo-restricted content for enhanced functionality.
Data Analysts and Researchers:
Simplify data collection and analysis from diverse sources. Engage in seamless web scraping to extract valuable insights, unravel hidden trends, and decipher patterns in global data.
E-commerce Professionals:
Gain a competitive edge by monitoring product prices and competitor strategies. Conduct thorough product research, identify new market opportunities, and optimize pricing models through automated comparisons.
Access exclusive content by bypassing region restrictions. Manage multiple accounts seamlessly while avoiding bot protections, elevating your online experience, and expanding your digital collection.
Travel Enthusiasts:
Secure the best prices for flights and accommodations effortlessly. Access geo-restricted travel content to plan trips seamlessly, all while prioritizing online privacy and security. Proxy-Cheap ensures a worry-free digital travel experience.

Proxy-Cheap Vs Competitors

In a competitive market, Proxy-Cheap distinguishes itself through its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Here’s how we compare with our closest competitors:
Unparalleled Proxy Quality
Small pool of top-tier proxies
Prioritization of quality over quantity
Advanced Proxy Management Tools
Granular control over proxy settings
Exceptional Customer Support
Pricing Transparency and Flexibility
Lower starting prices for static residential proxies
Lower starting prices for datacenter IPv4 proxies
Lower starting prices for rotating residential proxies
Lower starting prices for mobile proxies
Static Residential Proxy

Unlike our competitors who prioritize vast proxy pools, we focus on providing a smaller pool of top-tier proxies, each handpicked and meticulously maintained to deliver unwavering performance, reliability, and stability. Our proxies undergo rigorous testing and optimization to ensure they consistently deliver exceptional speed, uptime, and stability.

Whether you're engaged in data-intensive tasks like web scraping and market research or require dynamic IP addresses for sneaker bots and account creation, our proxies are designed to meet your specific needs.

Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your money. Embrace the power of top-tier proxy solutions and elevate your online endeavors with Proxy-Cheap. We offer a variety of pricing plans to suit different usage levels and budgets:

Static Residential Proxies: Starting at $0.99 per proxy per day
Datacenter IPv4 Proxies: Starting at $0.56 per proxy per day
Datacenter IPv6 Proxies: Starting at $0.30 per proxy per day
Rotating Residential Proxies: Starting at $2.99 per GB
Mobile Proxies: Starting at $15 per proxy per day

We also offer customized pricing plans for large-scale projects and enterprise-level requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and receive a personalized quote.

Static Residential Proxy

Frequently asked questions

How does a proxy work?
Proxy-Cheap utilizes advanced technology to redirect internet traffic through a secure intermediary server. It ensures that your online activities are 100% anonymous and safe from potential threats.
What is the main function of a proxy?
The main function of a proxy is to serve as the middleman between your device and the internet. Proxies enhance security, privacy, and access control, delivering a safer online experience.
Datacenter IPv4
Datacenter IPv6
Res-l Static
Is a proxy better than VPN?
Proxies and VPNs serve distinct purposes. Proxies excel at specific tasks like accessing geo-restricted content, while VPNs offer a more comprehensive solution for privacy and security.
What should I consider before buying proxies?
Before purchasing proxies, evaluate the proxy type (residential, mobile, datacenter), reliability, speed, and geographical coverage. Call our technicians if you need more personalized assistance. We will help you tailor your choice to suit your specific needs.
Why do companies use proxy services?
Companies opt for proxy services to bolster online security, facilitate data scraping efforts, conduct market research, verify ads, and access region-restricted content.
Which proxy should I choose?
Choose based on your use case. Residential proxies provide genuine IP addresses, mobile proxies ensure on-the-go security, and datacenter proxies offer speed and efficiency for diverse online tasks.
What type of proxy solutions does Proxy-Cheap offer?
Proxy-Cheap delivers a comprehensive range of proxy solutions like residential proxies for stability, mobile proxies for on-the-go security, and IPv6 datacenter proxies for cutting-edge connectivity.

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