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YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world. Creators can upload and monetize their content. Other users can watch, share, and rate the content. The result is an ecosystem that provides entertainment, education, news, etc. to people.

However, not all people get to enjoy this platform. Some are exempt because of the location they find themselves in. While the platform might restrict others for violating some of their terms. Proxy Cheap YouTube proxies can restore access and do even more.

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Popular Use Cases

There are many reasons to consider using YouTube proxies.
Bypassing Geo-Restrictions

In countries and regions where access to YouTube is restricted by government or organizational regulations, proxies can help. By redirecting and changing the apparent origin of the traffic, YouTube proxies can bypass the restrictions and restore access. In other words, with Proxy Cheap’s broad geographical coverage, you can access YouTube from almost anywhere in the world.

View Increasers

Some marketers use proxies to increase their view counts. They coordinate a campaign to artificially increase viewership of videos by boosting early number in hopes that the algorithm picks up the traffic. They need proxies and distributed viewing among numerous IPs to do this while avoiding bans.

Data Scraping

Automated data scraping tasks always draw platform attention because of the strain they can put on servers. However, they are only easy to detect when the requests to access content comes from a single IP. YouTube proxies distribute the requests among multiple IP addresses, making the requests seem less automated. Such a service can save users from IP bans and rate limits.

Engagement Automations

Content creators looking to interact with their viewers might take to automating interactions. The bots employed can automate comments and likes. However, this might lead to punishments if detected. So, YouTube proxies can help to distribute the activity across several IP addresses and locations for a more authentic appearance.

Ad Verification

Marketers employing YouTube ads can use proxies to view and assess their ads from different locations. Information gleaned from such an exercise can inform future ad strategies.

Rotating IP Addresses

Banned viewers looking to use proxies to restore access can benefit from rotating proxy use. A rotating proxy would automatically change IP addresses at set intervals. This can help avoid bans if you’re still engaging in the activity that led to the original punishment.

Affordable Pricing Plans

There are five types of Youtube proxies on offer at Proxy-Cheap.

Proxies for Social Media Networks

Here at Proxy Cheap, we have dedicated proxies for all popular social media networks, including:

Why Proxy-Cheap

We pride ourselves on the satisfied customers we service. Here is how we do it.


Customers want proxies that are consistent, stable, and allow uninterrupted connections. Our best-in-class proxies provide exactly that. All of our available proxies and IP addresses are active and of great reputation.

Wide Geographic Coverage

At Proxy Cheap, we have millions of IP addresses available in 100+ countries. Our coverage is wide enough to guarantee service in almost all countries.


Loading speeds are important to every web surfer. They are even more important to people who are consuming and creating content on YouTube. Our proxies offer blazing connection speed going both ways and contribute immensely to a positive viewing experience.

Customer Support

Expertise with proxies comes with repeated use. However, everyone is a beginner at the beginning. With that in mind, we provide excellent customer service to help onboard our beginner users and solve any lingering problems.

Data Security

We are not one of those proxy providers that harvest data for sale. We have a no-logs policy confirming our commitment to deleting user data after every session. Furthermore, we provide transparency in proxy use. Customers can manage their proxies through our dashboard access.

Customer Reviews

Our customers rate our customer support approach very highly, alongside the reliability of our proxies.

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